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Specialized festive boxes and tins are featured for seasonal sharing.

Just Because...

Just to say "Just Because..." you care, share your heartfelt message with a special box or tin from Hope's Cookies.

Get Well

As a "Get Well" wish or to let them know you care, send a cheerful Hope's Cookies box or tin.


Almond Joy

One of our new favorite cookies with lots of coconut, fresh shelled almonds, and sweet chocolate mini kisses which make this cookies chewy and delicious.


Magnificently rich with a special blend of Dutch Coco and milk chocolate chips to create a fudgy, creamy, and delicious cookie. Totally satisfying.

Sugar Cookie

The creamiest butter on earth, the sweetest sugar available, and the freshest ingredients make an out-of-this-world cookie, that is truly sumptuous.

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